iText Cellular Information Service

iText Cellular Information ServicesiText enables schools to distribute complex text-based information (sport schedules, timetables, notices, sports/exam results etc.) quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively to parents’ cell phones.

Parents can access this information from their cell phones at any time, from anywhere (with cell phone reception), and without having to remember any numbers, codes or passwords.

iText works on all cell phones, across all cellular networks, is extremely easy to use, and does not require any prior setup or internet connectivity on a user's cell phone.

Benefits for Schools:

  • Instantly and easily update your latest information via an easy-to-use web site;
  • No more clogged switchboards/telephone lines from users phoning in;
  • No more complicated voice message recordings or costly IVR systems;
  • No worries about having to bill parents for using the service;
  • Fixed, lifetime access code to your information;
  • Full control and flexibility about what information you make available.

Benefits for Parents:

  • Always available information at their fingertips;
  • No more waiting in phone queues trying to find out what is happening at their child’s school;
  • No set-up or configuration of cell phone required;
  • Works on all types of cell phones, across all networks;
  • Does not require internet capability on cell phone;
  • Costs the same as sending an SMS

To find out how iText can revolutionise the way you communicate to your parents, or customers, simply contact at 0861-767-932.

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