iText for Schools

iText for SchoolsiText will allow any school to easily create and distribute important, school-related information to its parents. What makes iText such a valuable service, is the fact that parents can view such information on their cell phones, which means parents can now be up to date from anywhere, at any time. 

When aschool first subscribes to, it will receive a username and password with which it can log into the members area.

Inside the members area schools will immediately be able to start setting up its own menu structures and content. The system is easy to use and a simulated cell phone screen is on display throughout to show how any changes you make will be displayed on your users' cell phones. Any time you want to change any information, you just log in to the members area and make your changes.

All menu information changes are updated immediately, and can be accessed by users when they type in your school's specific iText access code on their cell phone. This code is created upon your registration, and remains fixed for the remainder of your subscription period to iText.

The iText code will be in the format *120*494*777*XXXX#, with the XXXX part being the identifier to route your users to your menus. Because your iText code is unique to your school, you can use it in all your normal communication and marketing materials to drive your parents to your iText information screens - think of it as your school's own, text based, cellular web site address.

3 easy steps to Get Started...
Contact us to reserve your own iText Access CodeCustomise your Schools InformationShare Your Unique iText Access Code with your Parents.