Why Use iText?

iText is Convenient

iText is ConvenientSchools can publish information via a secure, user-friendly web site, which is available 24/7. The information is immediately available for parents to see via their cell phones.
Parents now have the peace of mind and convenience of knowing that important/last minute information is accessible to them via their cell phones, any time day or night.

iText is Easy to Use

iText is a text menu driven system, where parents are presented with a menu of options, enabling quick selection and viewing of the information they are interested in.

Schools have full control, and are able to manage and maintain what menu items are available, and what content to display. A simulated cell phone screen viewer shows exactly what parents will see on their cell phone screens.

iText is Fast

iText uses a technology called USSD. While similar to SMS, it is up to 7 times faster and allows for the sending and receiving of text menu information during a session.
Parents can quickly navigate information screens, make selections and view relevant information.

iText Saves You Time

iText supplies schools with a web site on which they can manage, edit and maintain their content. Any updates are immediately made available to parents.

As an example - a school might decide to cancel sport practice due to bad weather. They simply log in to iText.co.za, edit a menu linked to their sports status and press submit. Within a minute, this information will be available to all parents who access the school's iText menu via their cell phone.

iText is Flexible

The iText.co.za web site comes pre-configured with a sample menu structure for schools. This structure is totally flexible, and schools can decide which options to keep, which to delete, and also create new options from scratch.

Types of menu options are:

  • Display of Information only - such as status of an event.
  • Menu selectable options – users can drill down to further information menus.
  • Call-Back/Contact us - informing via email that a user needs to be called back or needs an appointment set up.

iText is Cost Effective

The iText service works on a monthly subscription basis, which gives each school a unique access code (to be communicated to parents). This code will give parents access to the school’s menu via their cell phones.

You also receive a username and password to the iText website, through which you can create, edit or delete your menu options and information content.

3 easy steps to Get Started...
Contact us to reserve your own iText Access CodeCustomise your Schools InformationShare Your Unique iText Access Code with your Parents.